Real Happiness

Although modern education equips one with tools of business and technology, it is not the tools alone but the character of the person using them that determines success and happiness in life. Honesty, integrity, compassion and dignity are the qualities that discern success in the lives of humans. Tools in themselves have no power. What they can do depends on how we use them. A knife can cut vegetables to be served in a meal or in the hands of a surgeon, heal. However in the hands of a misguided person, the same knife can kill. Similarly, the information and technology that we have access to in the modern age, can either benefit the populace or when misdirected, cause mass destruction. As Martin Luther King said, “The irony of our times is we have guided missiles but misguided men”. An Indian wisdom book, teaches the sacred principle of cultivating spirituality, and offers interesting insights into the subject of happiness. Real happiness, according to the book lies in cultivating the consciousness that the suffering of others is my suffering and others’ happiness is my happiness.

Acharya AcademyThis needs a spiritual redirection and that is also called yoga. Yoga means harmonizing the needs of the body, mind and soul, and connecting to the divinity within all of us. This endeavor makes our inner foundation strong and helps us cope with the various challenges in life. We can then see success and failure, victory and defeat, joy and sorrow as dualities that help us grow; we also become proficient in riding over all tribulations. The Bible says that if we build a house on soft sands it will collapse with the coming of a storm. We must build it on a strong foundation. When we build our lives on the strong inner foundation of love, we also experience inner happiness and contentment. Our education then finds its true fulfillment.