Obstacles in Life

Once a king went to a forest for hunting and after a day long hunting, he was very very thirsty but had no water left with him. He came to a hut where there was an elderly man. He requested for some water in his deathly exhaustion. The man gave him a bowl of fragrant water. But he also put some fine twigs in it. The king was surprised but didn’t say anything due to his great thirst and somehow drank the water by siding the twigs slowly and slowly. After quenching his thirst, he asked the old man why did you put the twigs in it. The wise man said,” You were so exhausted and tired that if you would have drank the water quickly, it would have choked you and you would have been in trouble”.

Acharya AcademySimilarly, in life, we are never in a position to handle success properly and humbly until we know what failure is by the many obstacles that come in our life. So when obstacles come in your life, know for sure that it is to keep us humble during our times of success.