A Strong Foundation

Strong FoundationYoung age is the time when we are like sponge. The sponge absorbs water without any resistance. So similarly, we at young age absorb all that we see​, ​hear,​ and read. And that is the age which forms the basis of foundation of our future. When one sees a a very tall building, what can one make of it? A child doesn’t know that the building stands strong due to the solid in-depth foundation it is on. But a sensible person knows that the building has a strong foundation which holds it. Similarly, our life’s outcome is based on the foundation we are laid upon. The foundation of principles, moral values, spiritual culture when imbibed by a person at young age gives a great fulfilling outcome to the individual himself and on a collective level as well. Success is all-good when a person has good character as well. It is said that an erudite person attracts everyone but just imagine if that person is arrogant and proud due to his learning, then nobody likes to interact with him. This means everyone likes the quality of humility and gratitude which forms the basis of one’s character. When one is humble and grateful to the gift one receives, on​e also attracts the grace of the Lord.​​

​Today, stress and anxiety are often daily realities, and even those who excel are often prisoners of their own success. The more we have, the more work it takes to sustain it, and the more people try to take it away from us. It’s like battling to swim upstream in the river of competition.

Real wisdom is to build our life on a strong foundation. There is success and failure, honor and dishonor, pleasure and pain, happiness and distress, victory and defeat. If we build a strong internal foundation in life, then whatever comes in our life—the ups, the downs, the rewards, the trials—we can grow from by gaining experience from them. We see the world according to our unique state of consciousness. A really successful person is one who sees a positive opportunity in every situation in life. Even in the darkest tragedies and traumas, there must be something to learn, some wisdom, some growth, some opportunity.​

​What greater need is there than the leaders of society, from all levels, to be exemplary in transforming greed into generosity, transforming envy into appreciation of others, transforming arrogance into humility, transforming our selfish passions into selfless love, service and compassion towards others, transforming despair into hope and seeing opportunities in whatever comes before us in life?​