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In today’s competitive world, everyone has to gear up their education level to be one step ahead of others. Hence, it is very important to ensure that your child gets best quality education right from a young age.

Kids at young age are just like wet clay and can be easily moulded into any shape. Only right hands and right training can mould these young minds into a perfect shape. Therefore, parents must be very much careful about selecting schools and coaching classes for their kids. Only well trained teachers will impart good values and right knowledge to your child.

Keeping this in mind, Acharya Academy was established in the year January 2007. Acharya academy is prominent in spreading a great deed of educating students. Our study and coaching center based in New Panvel trains the students to give them a bright and promising future. We are providing training and educating students of various grades which include Engineering Degree & Diploma as well as personal tuitions. We have designed our training sessions to ensure every student’s knowledge is improved and they become efficient and hardworking citizens of tomorrow.

Our training aims to develop students’ knowledge and make them efficient and smartly working.

You can trust Acharya Academy for shaping a bright future for your child. You can be assuaged that your child is in right hands and will be trained in the best possible way to combat tough competition. Our sole aim is to educate and train our students to handle even the most difficult challenges of life and come out successfully as a winner. We have been training and educating students of various grades since January 2007. We also offer personal tutions to weak and below average students. Based in New Panvel, we don’t differentiate on the basis of caste, creed and sex, but endeavor to give all our students a bright and promising future.

Acharya Academy primarily aims to develop various skills in our students and teach them methodologies that will help to strengthen their base. We are reckoned in providing top grade class room coaching to our students at very reasonable rates.

Amardeep Makam